Patent Management

In the corporate environment patents are predominantly perceived as protective rights. Usually, they only move into the focus of interest in the run-up to a patent application or when a patent infringement is anticipated.

As by far the largest part of all technical knowledge is recorded in patents, the informative value of these documents in addition to their legal function is becoming more and more important. Companies are permanently faced with the ever-growing challenge of managing an increasing number of patent applications and analyzing the sophisticated patent literature in a goal-oriented way.

Today, an excellent and successful intellectual property (IP) management is an absolute must in terms of safeguarding a company’s future. Our specific attention is directed to aspects of business economy and the dimensions of an effective property rights management in keeping with contemporary requirements. 


Patenting strategies - exploring what advantages and disadvantages the patent system holds for a particular enterprise in order to formulate appropriate guidelines.

IT- supported patent research – executing information-related patent searches and analyses of search results, using online data-bases and semantic search engines.

Identification of inconsistencies in present patent documents – Examining relevant technology fields, including the enterprises operating therein, and defining the technological competences of patenting companies by means of our specifically developed TRIZ-based competitor analysis.

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