The IMPI Team consists of highly motivated, committed and target-oriented management experts, economists, industrial engineers and natural scientists. Our know-how and personalities are joined to create an efficient network in which interdisciplinary communication and cooperation serve to support the goals of our customers and partners.      

Particular expertise has been developed and specifically intensified in the competence fields of innovation management, patent management and methodical inventing.

Innovation management addresses questions concerning the strategic orientation and the future of corporate business, the cooperation between R&D and marketing units, the integration of innovations into global business processes, and the evaluation of innovations through in-depth investigation and analysis.

Patent management focuses on patenting strategies, bibliographic as well as semantic patent analyses, and IT-supported patent research.

Methodical inventing involves the implementation of inventive processes by means of a special software tool based on the TRIZ theory for solving inventive problems.

We will be pleased to lend you assistance in the form of research co-operations, training courses, tutorials, workshops or consulting services.   

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