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Promotion Dr. Till Albert
Promotion Till Albert

Am 16. Juni 2015 wurde Herr Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Till Albert mit seiner Arbeit zum Thema "Measuring Technology Maturity - An Informetric Approach" promoviert.

Das IPMI gratuliert dazu herzlich.

Excerpt from the content: 
Nowadays, requirements for successfully managing a firm are different from what they were some 30 years ago. Many conditions have changed: The ongoing globalization increases the complexity of management decisions, which increasingly have to take into account globally dispersed customer groups, sources of innovation, and manufacturing capability. New technologies are developed at an increasing speed. Market boundaries are blurred, market players (i.e. buyers, suppliers, competitors, complementers) are ambiguous and shifting. Paradoxically, at the same time, new communication technologies are making markets more transparent, causing profit margins to decline. This increasing speed and complexity is leading to an innovation-based competition and the “creative destruction” of existing competences. Market success is reserved for the quickest and most innovative firms.

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